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30 years of experience


A unique, high level injection service for the implementation of the wax.

- a specialised team

- mobile injection equipment

            - capacity 20 000 litres, 20m3/hour, 20 bar

            - capacity 2 000 litres, 12m3/hour, 15 bar


We provide customised advice on each worksite

Preliminary on-site visits to check installations, inform customers work teams about material and resource requirements. We also advise and train our customers on how to most effectively implement our solutions.

Our CIRINJECT products are micro crystalline wax based with specific additives.

They are designed for the protection of prestressing cables, civil engineering structures, stay cables, ground anchors.


Perfectly stable over time, our wax withstands climatic variations with no alterations to its properties, in particular:

  • remarkable anti-wear capacities

  • resistance to extreme pressure

  • excellent protection against corrosion, even in humid and saline atmospheres

  • inert to elastomers and plastics

  • flexible and stable

  • excellent oxidation resistance

  • prevents fretting corrosion: by nature, the consistence enables the absorption of shocks and vibrations

  • very hydrophobic: totally insoluble, CIRINJECT wax evacuates the water or humidity present in the ducts

  • very adherent to metal


We also offer a protection oil perfectly compatible with our wax: Civeprotect 1200.

Delivery in tanker or drums.

CIRINJECT was recognised for its technical performance and reliability

Internationally recognised, CIVETEA works closely with the US authorities on the definition of new American standards concerning the anti-corrosion protection of prestressing structures.

The FDOT – Florida Department Of Transportation – is the leading (contract) authority in the USA relating to prestressing.


In recent years, the United States have been faced with ruptured outside prestressing cables protected with cement slurry. The State of Florida was mandated by the FDOT to propose an alternative solution.


To better understand the technical issues involved and after an on-site meeting with Civetea, the FDOT decided to construct a mock up to scientifically approve the wax injection process and to draw up  the American standard.

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cable rempli USA FDOT 154.jpg

Technical test

The mock up consisted of three HDPE ducts to inject, 19t15, 60m long. 3 prestressing systems from 3 leading civil engineering companies, with 3 different waxes. Some sections of the ducts were transparent to allow better visualisation of the rheology of the product during injection. Cameras filmed the behaviour of the wax in the duct, and thermal and pressure probes registered the evolution of these parameters during the injection and the cooling down.

Section of a cabled duct after injection

100% filled and protected

The results of the tests carried out by the research centre of FDOT:

Only the performances of CIRINJECT were 100% satisfactory:

  • lids perfectly filled

  • injection points and air vents totally filled

  • perfect homogenization and protection of ducts

  • perfect filling at high and low points of ducts


These successful tests led to the approval of Cirinject by the FDOT (n° 938.003.001)

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60460 Précy-sur-Oise
Tel. : 33 (0)3 44 27 66 93

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