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for prestressing cables, stay cables and ground anchors

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Time tested engineering structures


Civetea is expert in the protection of prestressing cables. The Cirinject® injection wax is the “must have” product to protect engineering structures from the test of time.


Constantly evolving range of products


Civeteas’ research and technical teams, in partnership with all the leading civil engineering companies and the regulatory agencies, continually update the wax in order to adapt to and anticipate the future requirements of structures.


Global presence


Civetea waxes are used globally: in Europe, Russia, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan, and now in the USA.


Quality certifications

Our wax range is approved by ETA; CE marking (Europe); FDOT (USA).

Our CIRINJECT waxes have been protecting the most prestigious civil engineering structures throughout the world for more than 30 years.

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