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An Aiglon's group company


The sucess story of an independant group

CIvetea is part of the Aiglon group.

Since the takeover of the company in 1974, the management team has advanced Aiglon and turned it into an industrial company of international renown. Extremely solid and totally independant financially, Aiglon regularly invests in new equipment and knows how to anticipate market trends.

Quality certifications

Our wax range is approved by ETA; CE marking (Europe); FDOT (USA).



Cirinject has been used in construction projects such as LGV (high speed line), the CNR bridge at Villeneuve les Avignon, the viaduct at Menton, the viaduct at La Ricamarie (42), the viaduct at Bellegarde (06), the viaduct at Sainte-Agnès and Pala (06), the viaduct over Adour, etc.

Cirinject was used in a number of countries worldwide: Turkey, Russia, Panama, Korea...

Management team


Philippe Conti



During the period 1984-1985, the company formulated, tested, and developed some complex waxes specifically destined to be injected into the sheath of prestressed cables used in a number of concrete constructions, in particular suspension bridges (interior prestressing, exterior prestressing, stays, braces, strands...)

This new technology, in its first applications, showed significant advantages compared to the use of greases or soft cement.

The central laboratory of "Ponts et Chaussées", aware of the interest for this invention, along with the engineer from LCPC Alain Chabert, committed themselves to the collaboration between the technical services of ELF and LCPC. Thereafter, the INJECTELF waxes were greatly used by the most prestigious building companies.

In 2004, TOTAL, having obtained the commercial rights of the ELF activities, decided to stop its overall production of waxes, paraffins and derivatives.

One sensitive and urgent problem suddenly arose: how and where to continue making the INJECTELF range, given the ongoing demand for its use.

TOTAL decides to stop producing this type of product. The manufacturing will now be handled in its entirety by the company CIVETEA, a new enterprise which is part of the family run business of AIGLON and SYNTEAL, which for more than half a century have been involved in vaseline technology, in particular for pharmaceutical, but also for industrial use.

The transfer of these products, formulas, and INJECTELF brands took place in October 2006 and INJECTELF became CIRINJECT at this date.

The competences of CIVETEA, its flexibility, efficiency, adaptability, and its constant motivation are universally appreciated. 

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